At Norcité, we’re always on the lookout for qualified candidates interested in travelling throughout Quebec and part of New Brunswick! Let your passion shine.


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1 job position

Salary starting at $30.00/hour depending on experience + $2,000 hiring bonus if you have experience in the field.


Hit the road with us!

If you’re feeling weary of your current job and seeking to join forces with a company that values its employees and boasts a reputation for excellence, we’ve got a spot just for you!


Primary Responsabilities

Following an extensive, paid training program, your duties will include:

•Performing maintenance tasks such as greasing, lubrication, oil changes, brake adjustments, tire changes, and adhering to the equipment’s preventive maintenance program;
•Adjusting equipment and replacing missing or faulty parts as necessary;
•Testing repaired equipment to ensure proper functionality and compliance with repair standards;
•Maintaining cleanliness and washing equipment as needed.

A Schedule Designed to Suit You

Choose between day or evening shifts, Monday through Friday. We’re flexible to accommodate your needs!


Truckloads of benefits

  • Competitive salary starting at $30.00/hour, depending on experience;
  • Hiring bonus* ;
  • 10 paid sick days at 100% ;
  • 11 paid holidays;
  • Group insurance (60% employer-paid);
  • Employer-paid pension plan;
  • Employee assistance program and telemedicine (100% employer-paid) ;
  • Recognition program ;
  • Gasoline discount;
  • Uniform provided;
  • Team social events;
  • And much more!


Job requirement : Have your own toolbox

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Prenez note que nous communiquerons seulement avec les candidats retenus. Dans l’éventualité qu’aucun poste ne serait affiché, nous conservons les curriculum vitae reçus en candidature spontanés pour une période de six mois.



Transport NORCITÉ is a partner of choice for gas station network managers who strive for excellence in their inventory management and in the bulk supply of oil products.

Building on the experience of seasoned professionals in the field, Transport NORCITÉ has the human and material resources necessary to safely handle oil products and deliver them to their destination. We can also help out by handling another carrier’s delivery when necessary.


The territory covered by our fleet of tankers includes all of Quebec and part of New Brunswick.

In addition to our terminal in Lévis, we have a fleet of tanker trucks based in Rimouski and another in Chicoutimi. However, our operational range can easily be expanded at any time based on your requirements.


Our reputation for excellence is impeccableAs is known throughout Quebec, our tanker drivers are alert and scrupulously apply safety rules to protect the environment.

Transport NORCITÉ stands out for its professionalism in an industry in which safety rules are of paramount importance. Management pays particular attention to environmental protection, and each employee is aware of the crucial role they play at all levels.

For safety and efficiency purposes, we maintain a fleet of newer vehicles. All our trucks are equipped with onboard computers and a GPS positioning system, giving us access to all the information we could need (route, distance travelled, speed, etc.).

We have especially strict selection criteria for our tanker drivers. Our team of drivers is stable and has many years of experience transporting hazardous materials. Our drivers are alert and apply safety rules to protect the environment. Their sense of responsibility is affirmed by their knowledge of applicable laws and regulations and by the way they are able to take control of emergency situations.


Transport Norcité stands out for the extensive experience of its management team and its daily quest for excellence. Both in the administration and in the field, our team demonstrate their commitment to customer satisfaction, and to maintaining harmonious relations with the staff of the gas stations we serve.




Senior Director, Transportation and Logistics


Director of Operations


Driver Trainer and Chief of Safety


Manager of Operations


Manager of Garage

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